Insurance Denials

What Should I Do if My Claim Gets Denied?

If you were denied an insurance claim by your homeowners, long-term disability, life insurance, or any other insurance claim, call the Jim Glaser Law Firm today. Even if the insurance company denied your claim, you still may be eligible to receive benefits. After paying insurance premiums, you should be entitled to benefits after suffering an injury. Filing an insurance claim can be a challenging endeavor, and when you have been denied benefits, you can be stuck paying out-of-pocket for expenses. However, a denied claim doesn’t always mean you aren’t entitled to benefits. If you or a loved one have filed a claim and believe you were wrongly denied, the Jim Glaser Law Firm may be able to help you fight back. There are numerous reasons your claim may have been denied by the insurance company. For example, an insurance company may deny your claim in hopes that you won’t fight back, or they might believe that your case does not contain enough substantial evidence to be awarded compensation. Your claim can also be denied if you failed to file before the deadline, or if the other party did not pay their premiums. If your insurance claim was denied, consider seeking legal guidance to help you fight back.

Get Legal Guidance for Your Claim

Our team understands how frustrating it is to receive an insurance denial. At Jim Glaser Law, we will ensure you receive legal representation that can help determine what legal options are available for your case. Jim Glaser Law is one of the premier personal injury law firms in Boston, Massachusetts with offices in Sharon and Cambridge. Our law firm specializes in practice areas such as workers’ compensation, auto accidents, motorcycle accidents and wrongful death. To schedule a consultation with Jim Glaser Law, please give us a call at 1-877-342-5252 or complete our contact inquiry form. Our firm serves injured people across Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.